Expanding horizons through dance

NOTE : BusyFeet classes have been postponed until further notice due to the corona virus pandemic. 

BusyFeet is a dance and movement activity for children with intellectual and physical disabilities, aged 6 to16 years. The participants will experience happiness, and develop more self confidence, through the movement of dance.


BusyFeet is another local project of The Rotary Club of Chadstone / East Malvern. www.rotarychadstone.org.au
The dance group meets weekly during the school term and caters for disabilities ranging from various degrees of autism, Down Syndrome, profoundly deaf and cerebral palsy. The extreme differences in abilities and concentration levels pose particular challenges for the teachers and the volunteers. As confidence from both sides continues to grow these difficulties are progressively being overcome.

Children who commenced the program lacking confidence and lack of attention have now become more focused. Children who were showing reluctance and apprehension on entering the dance premises now run through the door for their nametags and are eager to start to dance. Similarly parents and carers who were resigned to persuading their children to get involved now find that the children do not want to miss a class even if they have been off school feeling unwell.
BusyFeet became endorsed as a Rotary District 9800 Endorsed program in 2013. We would highly recommend the BusyFeet program to other Rotary Clubs who wish to engage with their communities for their special children as there are very few programs available for these families.

Vale Lin Hughes
Lin, the founder and driving force of BusyFeet, passed away on Saturday August 24th 2019.
Lin, the first female President of the Rotary Club of Chadstone / East Malvern (RCEM), started BusyFeet in 2012.
She was recently awarded the Rotary District 9800 Humanitarian Award 2019.
She oversaw the BusyFeet expansion into other Rotary clubs and was so proud to see the children perform at the opening ceremonies of several Rotary conferences in front of very appreciative crowds.
She loved seeing the children having fun at the dance sessions, and the parents/carers enjoying some respite.
She will be deeply missed for her kindness, her smile, her laughter and her determined spirit.
Thanks Lin .....   and rest in peace.


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