Expanding horizons through dance

                                              BUSYFEET IN HOBART : ROTARY ZONE INSTITUTE CONFERENCE  
What a fantastic trip over to Hobart for the BusyFeet children to perform at the Opening Ceremony of the Rotary Zone 8 (Australia) Conference in the huge Grand Chancellor ballroom. The group consisted of nearly 60 travellers, including 15 BusyFeet children (from Stonnington and Melton BusyFeet), their parent(s) and volunteers. Some children had never flown before or been in holiday accommodation but the flights went relatively smoothly. Accommodation was excellent, so close to the water and the venue, lots for families to do in their off time. Thursday night’s casual dinner at Mures Restaurant on the waterfront was a superb way for the families and volunteers to mingle and get to know each other even more. Friday morning saw a practice at a room at the Hobart town hall, with a lunch sausage sizzle prepared by Claremont Rotary. A short walk in beautiful weather to the Grand Chancellor hotel, and whilst waiting to enter the main ballroom where 600 Rotarians waited, the Tasmanian Governor came over to say “Hi” and have photos taken. Then it was time for the performance. Bronwyn and Lin had explained to the audience what BusyFeet was about. Even though the stage was small, the children and volunteers performed their 4 dances to stirring music that filled the ballroom. At the finish, the children, volunteers and dance teachers bowed …. and received a standing ovation ….. bringing tears crying to many eyes, including Lin and Bronwyn. Afterwards at the BusyFeet booth we were inundated with congratulations, with many people interested in starting their own group. Many mentioned how they also had a tear crying during the performance. Sincere thanks to Rosemary and to Ross and Annette Butterworth and the rest of the team for their commitment to the logistics, the financing through Rotary and council grants, and to pull off such a wonderful event. To Lyle, Lin, May, Anne, Sue, Fran, Lydia and Cheryl who travelled to Hobart thanks for your help in making the trip such a great experience for everyone concerned.

From a parent: I am sincerely grateful to have S. be part of such an amazing group of people at BusyFeet. We all had such a wonderful time in Hobart, memories to cherish and stories to share with many others. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this trip a reality. Magic happened !


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