Expanding horizons through dance

BusyFeet performed at the House Of Friendship on Saturday 27th May s part of RICONV23 - Rotary International Convention.

There were 17 children from Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern, Melton and Bayside BusyFeet groups, plus carers/parents and our wonderful BusyFeet volunteers.

What a fantastic time. Starting with a conga to get the children onto the stage. Then dances involving the use of scarfs, pom-poms, colourful ribbons, and sunglasses. Performed to a medley of Abba and Grease and other songs.

The highlight was dancing to YMCA. It was so good that they did an encore and got the crowd involved. It was truly magical.

Lin (founder of BF) would have been so proud.

A quote from a BusyFeet parent …"It was just the best!!  We are so proud to be a part of Busy Feet. I wish we could bottle this feeling that our incredible children provide.  They really are amazing – hard task for anyone to be up there performing as they did. So lovely that the crowd enjoyed the wonder of Busy Feet too!!

Thank you so much for providing our kids with such a wonderful experiences, friendships and lifelong memories."

View the YMCA song 


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